Ever since Drew was a kid, he had a yearning for adventure. His Mom will tell you no one could keep up with him, and not much has changed. If its new, Drew wants to be apart of it! Whether its exploring a new place, trying new food, or adjusting to different phases of life, its always done with enthusiasm and courage.

While at BYU-Idaho studying marketing, Drew met his Wife Liz. As mentioned before, he was not short of enthusiasm or courage while courting her. 3 days after meeting he knew she was the one and asked her to marry him. They quickly started their family which was the first of many adventures to come. 

Drew and Liz had two kids while Drew was in school, and found adventure in the everyday moments of parenting, working multiple jobs and being a full time student. After graduation Drew landed a marketing job at a local credit union. He knew it wasn't his forever job, but it allowed him to provide for his wife and kids, and remain close to family, but when a new opportunity presented itself, he couldn't resist!

Drew had the opportunity to teach marketing for a year in China and after a little persuasion convinced Liz that it was the perfect adventure for their family. They sold everything, packed up in to a few suitcases, and the young family of 4 set off on their new adventure.


While in China Drew started a marketing company that brought them back to the States. His enthusiasm and courage allowed him to give up his scholarship and placement at Thunderbird School of Global Management to pursue a career where he could have the flexibility to be with his family and always and be in control of his future adventures.

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