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Have you ever heard of the Color Code personality test? It's a free online test that says what personality type you are. White is reserved, thoughtful, quiet, and non confrontational - this is what I was born as. I was shy, and reserved. If you ask anyone today that knows me... I am anything but that.

I just love life and adventure! By that I mean experiencing as much as humanly possible and as crazy as it gets! I crave anything new! That can be a foreign recipe, sky diving, or everything in-between!

In my former life I was a Radio DJ for Z103 - Idaho's #1 Hit Music Channel! I also ran my own mobile DJ business which, strangely enough, got me into video and photography. A lot of what you see on the website will be me behind the camera, HAHA!


 I don't do very well sitting still, in an office... in a basement... (see my blog post on that) Actually it became one of the contributing factors to why I had to make a change. The world was just way too big for me to sit behind a desk all day. I wanted more for my family and myself, a broader view of life and culture! So I did what any person would do. Decided to sell everything I own, give up my 9-5 and booked it to China!

I'm excited to share my story with you, and hope to hear some of yours!