Ellie is a social butterfly! From the moment she was born she was lifting her head and looking around at all the people in the hospital room. She LOVES people! Not just being around them, but has a true love for them. She is always complimenting others or trying to make them laugh.


Ellie is a smart and busy girl and the best big sister. She is always looking out for her little brother and sister, and trying to help out Mom at home.

Ellie loves China, and living there sparked her love for trying new things. She loves to try new foods and has quite the palate for her age and she loves to travel to places she's never been.

Watching her grow is a joy for every one around her. She puts others first but isn't afraid to stand up for herself!

To know Ellie all you need to do is look into her spunky eyes and you will get a glimpse in to her soul!

This kid is easy to please, and it makes
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