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Hey! I'm Liz,

I love music, travel, and family! 

When I was 4 my family lived in Haiti, my mom, dad, myself, and younger brother. Being in Haiti with my family was when I first cultivated an interest in other cultures. The reality that life was different for people all over the world really impacted me, even at such a young age. Our family moved back to the United States after a few months in Haiti because my Mom got pregnant. A few months later she gave birth to my second brother who passed away just hours later due to a rare chromosome disorder. 2 months after that, my first brother drowned just weeks before his second birthday. Such tragic events in my childhood, strong parents, and faith led me to have a strong tie to family. From a young age family became very important and I couldn't wait to grow my family one day with a husband and children of my own.

Throughout my childhood we moved several times which created an even stronger bond to family. I never had time to get attached to a place, so relationships became very important to me. 

When I was 16 I taught myself to play guitar and started writing music. 

At 17 I got to put both my passions for music and culture together when my family moved to Roatan Honduras and I had the opportunity to tour around the island and sing my original music at different resorts. I later met my husband and we started our family. Now I'm a stay at home mom to 2 beautiful, rambunctious kids and look forward to sharing my passions with them, and watching them grow.