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More about us: Where we're from

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Drew and I met at school in Rexburg, Idaho. A small, family-friendly college town, home to about 25,000 people. Rexburg is where we met, dated, and started our married life. It's where both of our children were born and where we moved from apartment to apartment until ending up in the beautiful home we're in now. We've made many fond memories and friends here and have stretched and grown in many ways.

After a couple years in Idaho, it became apparent to us that it was time for a change. We weren't happy, and we didn't feel like we were progressing, so we started looking at different options. We first started looking for different jobs that interested Drew, but after making it trough all the interviews, it never panned out, we were so discouraged! We started thinking about grad school programs, and after a long, and trying year of studying and taking the GMAT, Drew applied and was accepted into the National University of Singapore! We were initially so excited, but ultimately weren't going to be able to support ourselves financially. Another discouraging realization.

One day while working a career fair, Drew noticed a booth for a company called China Horizons, a company that sends people to China to teach English. The idea of moving to China immediately excited Drew. He came home that night with packets of information, ready to share our next step with me. I, however, was not immediately excited by the thought of moving to China. The idea of moving to China had never crossed my mind, and to be honest, i wasn't really interested in the idea. Drew was not about to give up on this plan however, he had me go with him to meetings about the company and program and showed me all the research he had done on the company, and experiences others had had. It actually didn't take me long to get excited about the idea and climb on board. Once Drew had the OK from me he signed up as fast as he could (before I had time to change my mind), and then all we could to was anxiously wait and see if we would be accepted.

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