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Why Move?

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Drew and I both grew up in households where moving wasn't an unfamiliar topic. My family actually had a list of places we would like to live one day and enjoyed browsing the internet for homes for sale in different areas. I always knew when I grew up I wanted to continue that lifestyle. I always loved the idea of making new friends and seeing what other places had to offer. When I met Drew he expressed that he had similar goals and desires and we knew that one day we'd find ourselves living abroad. As we had children we naturally found ourselves in a more "settled" environment. We wanted to make sure we were in safe places with good schools so we could offer our children what we felt was expected, but it was an emotionally uncomfortable place for us. My grandma use to say she had gypsy blood, that always kept her moving, and I bet that blood was passed on to me. In an area that seemed to be perfect on paper for our family, we couldn't get attached (it must be genetic, or some kind of coping mechanism from moving a lot as children). We had lived in the same town for five years and found ourselves itching to move, and experience something else. We searched out different ideas and made different plans, but ultimately felt best about moving to China. As our departure gets closer and closer, the anticipation grows and we can't help but feel so excited! Th question is often posed, "Aren't you so nervous?" and the truthful answer is "probably", but with so much excitement surrounding the situation we haven't felt overwhelmed by nerves and anxiety which is a true blessing to us. We have enough to worry about with trying to fit our lives into 4 suitcases!

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