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Contract Details

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

For those of you interested in teaching English in China, I thought I'd write a list of details regarding our contract. We just recently got our contract, when we learned where in China we were going to be moving. We originally applied for Drew to teach one school year, and I would stay home with the kids, but the School reached out to China Horizons, the company we are going through, and offered me a job as well!

So Drew will be teaching no more than 25 hours a week and I will be teaching 5 hours a week.

Our contract is for 1 school year-


-Contracted Sep 1 - July 31

-Drew is contracted to 14-18 teaching hours a week, and 5 for myself (additional time will be required for lesson planning, but we legally can't work over 25 hours due to our work visas)

- We are required to come up with our own curriculum and homework

-We are expected to teach appropriate content (which includes no religious discussions)

-We are expected to dress appropriately (business/business casual)

-We will be expected to teach 5 days a week

-We will be provided accidental health care

-We will be given a small transportation allowance


-The school will provide us with furnished housing during our year there, the housing will include,



bathroom (I believe with a western style toilet)

kitchen with fridge


land line telephone

heating and cooling (although we've been told it may not be as efficient as we are accustom to)

and a washer, but NO DRYER, i guess having a dryer is not common there.

-We are required to pay our own phone fees

Now the information you've all been waiting for, How much are we getting paid??

Drew and I will make a combined monthly salary of RMB 8400.00. That converts to about 1,200 USD/mo. and we will be getting paid once a month. It doesn't seem like a lot, but with most of our accommodations covered and the cost of living being much lower than the United States, we feel confident that it will be fine. As we start settling in to routines and buying groceries etc we will update you on how it's like living on $1200 a month for a family of 4.

Hopefully you've found this post helpful if this is something you're looking in to!

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