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What should I bring to China?

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

For those traveling to China,

I've compiled a list of thing that you should bring with you to China, that are not easy to find there. I've gathered the information from different sites and articles I've read online, as well as friends that have been to China, that way you won't have to scour the internet for hours to figure out what you should bring (like I did)!

Tampons: Apparently in China you can get any pad you can dream up, but tampons are really hard to come by, and if you do find them, they will be pricey!

Good Shoes/ Closed Toed: You can find shoes in China, but good quality, closed toes shoes (especially in larger sizes) will be hard to find, so make sure you have some good shoes before you leave.

Masks: Since we will be in China for a year, we decided to purchase high quality, filtering masks. Our kids have asthma, so this was a necessity to us.

Baby leashes: I don't know if these can be found in China or not, but I've hear that at some attractions, there won't be the same safety rails or guards that we are accustom to in the United States. One of the first places we will be going to, is the great wall, so we wanted to make sure to bring those with us, so we could have them right away I'm sure they will prove useful in the airport too).

Deodorant: You can't find it, so if you want it, bring it!

Pharmacy Drugs: you will be able to find some things, and they will be cheap, but it's good to have a little on hand while you're still getting used to shopping and finding what you need in China. I have heard Pepto Bismol and Tums are hard to find there, so I'd recommend bringing those.

Converters for you U.S. electronic: No need to buy a new curling iron there, just buy a converter and you can use all your electronics.

Cash: If you bring U.S. currency, make sure it is in the form of new, crisp bills if you want it to be accepted.

Thick, College Rule paper/ Spiral notebooks/ Good quality white board markers : If you're just going for a visit, this won't be necessary, but if you are going to teach English, like we are, you should consider stocking up on these.

Mouthwash and dental floss: other oral care items will be easy to find, but these won't be as easy.

Cortisone cream: We will be moving to a hot, humid area, and this item is hard to find, so we will be bringing this for bug bites.

Thick socks: In some areas you will be able to find these, but in others, you won't. So we've bought a few pair of good quality, thick socks for the winter.

Granola bars/ Taco Seasoning/ Ranch packets/ sour candy: Anything to give you a taste of home. These are some things we will be bringing that you can't find. We'll probably be bringing instant oatmeal packets too, because you can't get cereal or milk, and we are a fan of breakfast foods.

If you are particular about these items you may want to consider bringing these as well:

High end makeup, and High end shampoo and conditioner. You can find familiar brands like Pantene, but you won't be able to find high end brands.

Hope this list helps and happy travels to those headed our way!

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