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What we bought for our move to China

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Well, Amazon Prime Day, which is pretty much Christmas for us, just happened! We were So excited about Amazon Prime Day, because there were a lot of little things we still wanted to get for China, and it was the perfect way to do it! Here's what we got for China, and why we think it will be useful:

-Water bottles: A lot of the water in China isn't drinkable, so when we're out and about with kids (who always need water at the worst time), we will alway have fresh, clean water for them!

-Backpacks: We actually got 3 different ones. One for Grant to carry his toys in, a travel on for myself, and a camera/laptop bag for Drew, that way he can always be ready to take a pic when we need one!

-Battery Packs: So our phones will always be charged. I DO NOT want to be caught without a gps or google translate!

-Converters: So we can plug our electronics in because China has different outlets than the U.S.

-Silicone Wedding rings: Drew and I have decided to leave our rings somewhere safe and use silicone rings for our travels.

-Z palettes/other makeup: Some makeup can be hard to find in China and so I decided to stock up on some things (mostly concealer and foundation) because I've heard a lot of those products have bleach in them, because fair skin is desirable in's possible thats totally false, but I'll be ready just in case! I thought the Z palette would be great for condensing the other makeup I have.

-Baby cuffs: They're like little human, wrist leashes, and we're totally in to that! We'll be going to places that will be crowded, and our kids like to wander, so we want to make sure they're close by and safe!

-64 GB memory card: We want to make sure we have plenty of space to capture everything on our camera to share with all you lovely people!

-Camera Battery: just because it's good to have an extra.

-An Action Camera: Trying to shoot footage on our Nikon hasn't been the easiest, so we decided on an action camera for video and blogging purposes.

-Phone Chargers: We're always losing or breaking ours, so we decided to get a couple to have as a back up. I'm sure you can get them in China, but it will probably take us some time to know where to go to get certain things, so we'd prefer to just have it on hand.

Well there's our list! We now (hopefully) have everything we need, and are super excited!

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