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Our China Bucket list

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Although we are going to China to teach English, we'd be crazy to not explore the sites around us! So we've decided that once a month (maybe more, if finances allow) to take a big trip to one of China's famous National Parks, historical, or cultural sites. We can't wait to immerse ourselves in the culture and beauty. After scouring the internet, and taking to friends, we've come up with our Chinese bucket list that we hope to accomplish while there!

Ainscough Family China Bucket List:

#1. The Great Wall of China: this was a no brainer to add to the list, if you're going to China, this is definitley a must see.

#2. Shanghai: We want to explore the city of Shanghai and visit Disneyland while we're there!

#3. Chengdu: Chengdu is known for their amazing food and large pandas. We're pretty excited to experience both of those things.

#4. The Forbidden City: Forbidden City is a Chinese imperial palace in Beijing. We love visiting old buildings and seeing the architectural differences that make each building unique. To see our trip to the Forbidden City click here.

#5. The Terracotta Army: This site is a collection of sculpted warriors that depict the armies of Qin Shi Huang.

#6. Jiu Zhai Guo: A National Park of Water Falls, how cool does that sound?

#7. Le Shan Buddha: The Worlds largest Buddha.

#8. Suzhou: This city is known as the Venice of the East. It's a beautiful water city in China.

#9. Find a beach and relax: WE LOVE THE BEACH! So we are determined to find a beach while we're there and enjoy ourselves. To see our trip to the beach click here.

#10. Harbin Ice Festival: This is the Worlds largest Ice festival! They carve a city of Ice and we've heard its beautiful!

#11. Weifang Kite Festival: We're so excited to go to the kite festival because it's what our city is known for! Ellie has already sold some toys to save up for an awesome kite!

Last but not least, EAT A LOT OF FOOD! Isn't that the best part of traveling?

So those are the 11 places we hope to visit in the 11 months we're there! Subscribe to see the places we make it to, and our thoughts and pictures!

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