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Capsule Wardrobe

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Drew and I decided to capsule wardrobe, because we weren't going to have enough room in our suitcases to bring a ton of clothes. A a capsule wardrobe, is a wardrobe consisting of basic staple items and clothing of a specific color scheme, making it possible to create many outfits out of only a few items. The picture I have above is an example of what you can do with only 3 tops, 3 bottom and 1 coat.

I looked on Pinterest and wasn't able to find a good rubric for a capsule wardrobe that matched our lifestyle, so I created my own, and thought I'd share it with you!

8 Tops (long sleeve, short sleeve, blouse, t-shirt)

6 bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts)

1 Sunday best/occasion outfit

3 Work outfits

2 sweaters

2 Pair of Pj's

1 Athletic outfit

1 Coat

1 Lounge wear outfit

5 Miscellaneous/Freebies (scarves, gloves casual dresses, or any other favorite item)

So this is what worked for us! We ended up with about 36 pieces per person, not including shoes.

For Shoes we kept it simple also.


Work Shoes

Walking/closed toed shoes

Running shoes

Winter shoes

and I also brought rain boots, because the area we are moving to gets a lot of rain.

As hard as it was at first to get rid of so many clothes, the capsule wardrobe has been nice, espeiually because everything you wear is always one of your favorite articles of clothing! It also makes, getting ready and matching your clothes (cough cough Drew) easier! Let me know if you have any questions about capsule wardrobes or if you plan to try one yourself!

As always, hope you enjoyed the blog, and have great day!

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