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How I potty trained my 2 year old boy before we moved to China

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Our days have been filled with errands lately, there's always something to do to get ready for the move. We've continued to sell things online, add content to the blog, and make doctors appointments..anything really to prepare. But I'd have to say the biggest task yet has been potty training Grant!

With diapers being impossible to find in China, and having limited luggage, I was determined to potty train Grant before we left. He had been showing interest in using a potty, because he had seen Ellie using it and was curious. So i decided to take that momentum and roll with it.

I started MONTHS in advance, putting Grant on the little potty every time Ellie was on the big potty, getting him used to the idea that the potty was good and not scary. This was great for introducing him to the idea, and I kept him in his diaper through out the day so I wouldnt have to worry about accidents. I didn't want him having discouraging moments right off the bat. I gradually added in m&ms as incentive to go, and that worked like a charm! Chocolate speaks to that boy! We were having trouble with #2 though, no matter what i offered, he just didn't get it. So i decided to stop pushing him with that, and focus on the progress he was making.

We transitioned him into big boy pants, and he was doing great, aside from one accident a day, pooping of course. I was getting discouraged because we were running out time before we left. I even started to buy diapers to pack, but I stopped myself. I could deal with cleaning one accident a day, and I continued to be consistent and remind him "poo poo goes in potty"and it finally clicked! We were so excited! He thrives off the positive reinforcement and now rarely has accidents, and even makes it through the night with out accidents!

THE PROBLEM: He won't use public restrooms. I worry about our 12 hour plane ride, and the fact that we'll be out and about so often, and worry about him digressing.

THE SOLUTION: I bought one pack of pull ups for him to wear on our travel days, and the rest is being left up to prayers! Hopefully we won't find ourselves in a rut later, but I'm optimistic that he'll just keep doing better and conquer his fear of pubic toilets!

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