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Updated: Dec 29, 2019

The biggest garage sale of out life just went down, and we couldn't be happier! We've been preparing for weeks, for East Idaho's biggest garage sale! I've spent countless hour sorting through bedrooms and closets, pricing each item, and sorting them into boxes to make transportation easier. We decided to have my Mom watch the kids on garage sale day, because it was going to be really hot, and we wanted to be able to put all our energy into getting rid of AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. We loaded up the cars the night before the event and took everything to the garage sale location. We set up so we wouldn't have to deal with it the next morning, and tried to get some sleep for the long day ahead.

The Garage Sale went awesome! There were a lot of people, and we were able to get rid of a ton of stuff! It was so fun to be able to talk to people about our upcoming adventure and it was nice to spend some time with just Drew (closest thing to a date we've had in awhile).

Afterwards we donated anything that didn't sell, and that was probably the most fulfilling part. It was so nice to know that the stuff wasn't coming home with us. I felt a huge relief knowing we were getting things done, and that our move was getting closer!

In the next few weeks we were able to sell our kitchen table, and 2 cars. It's been so nice not having to stress over getting rid of our big items! The empty house is something to get used to though.

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