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August 23-24 2017

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Our last day in America, and our first day in China.

I knew we were in for quite an adventure, when before our plane even touched down, I had, for the first time, tried sashimi and tofu. I had no idea how many adventures awaited. Our travels to China went fairly smoothly, although for a solid 2 hours Grant cried on the plane (but can you blame him? It was such a long trip). We went over with a group of people teaching English, so we were able to herd our way through the airports together without getting too lost.

Arriving in Beijing was a whirlwind. So much excitement and so many 'what in the world did we get ourselves in to''s. For more details click here and you can read all about my thoughts.

After our first night in the hotel we were eager to get out and explore. We walked around and took a shot at ordering food. For breakfast, we ordered fried dough sticks. The kids loved them, and naturally, as Americans, we ate them like donuts only to find out they are supposed to accompany a savory soup for breakfast.

For lunch we had very spicy, but delicious noodles and eggplant, potatoes, and peppers. We LOVED all of it and were pleased to see the food in China was better than the airplane food!

That night we went to the Beijing Acrobatic Show. It was one of the highlights for me about our time in Beijing, I hope to go again before we leave China, because unfortunately the kids slept through it and it was absolutely amazing, they would have loved it! After the show we were so ready to get back to out hotel and sleep! The jet lag was real!

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