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My 25th Birthday

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

For my birthday this year, we decided to go to a nice hotel in town. We were going to stay one night and enjoy the hotel buffet for dinner. I was especially excited about my birthday dinner, because they had advertised an Italian buffet, and its nearly impossible (and REALLY expensive) to find Western food!

We settled in to the hotel and lounged around until dinner time. The kids were so excited to take a bath, and I loved being able to lay down in a comfortable bed I wouldn't have to make.

We were anxiously awaited dinner, so as soon as the buffet opened, we headed down. We payed and were seated, but as we started looking around at the food, there wasn't a single Italian dish. Just lots AND LOTS of seafood! If you know me, you know that I HATE seafood. I couldn't believe we had just paid days worth of groceries, for this one special meal that literally had me gagging at the smell!

We talked to the hostess who kindly refunded our bill, since we hadn't eaten anything, and decided to go to Burger King instead. I was almost equally as excited for Burger King, because it is an absolute luxury when you haven't had red meat, or hardly any meat for months! So we eagerly walked to Burger King! As we began to order, however, the electricity went out, so they were not able to serve us.

We couldn't help but laugh at how our night was panning out, but Drew wasn't going to let anything ruin my night! We ended up getting pizza, and we even splurged on Haagen Dazs for the family. We spent the rest of the night relaxing in the hotel room and watching TV. It was the perfect birthday for me. I loved being able to get away, and spend time with my family.

The next day, a co-worker had planed a get together. They had a traditional Chinese banquet with my favorite Chinese dishes and a big cake. We laughed, talked, and ate cake until we were completely stuffed! Just before it was time to go home, they ordered me a big bowl of noodles and eggs. It's tradition to eat this bowl of noodles for your birthday, so even though I was stuffed, (and it tasted absolutely awful) they forced me to eat one bite after another! It was another enjoyable night, with lots of smiles and good friends!

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