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House Hunters International contacted us!

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

One night before bed Drew as checking his email, when he noticed one addressed to Misfitfam that we didn't recognize. After opening the email, we learned that it was from HGTV's House Hunters International. They had informed us that their recruiter had found us on instagram, which led them to our blog, and asked if we would be interested in being on the show. We aren't ones to say no to a new opportunity, so we replied saying we weren't sure if we qualified, because we didn't own or even rent our apartment, and our apartment was a dorm building on our college campus, but that we were always willing to try something new if it worked out.

After exchanging a few emails we set up a time to skype with their recruiter, who wanted to take a look around the apartment and get some more information.

We learned a lot about the show, including we didn't have to be looking for a place to live, we didn't have to own our place, we just had to act like it. It all sounded fun to us, but when it came down to it, the fact that we were living on a government owned campus threw a wrench in the whole thing.

Although it didn't work out this time, they let us know if we were ever moving or looking to move out of the country again, or to a different apartment in China to contact them so we can try again. Overall it was still fun to imagine and talk to the show, and we will definitly reach out if we find our selves moving abroad again!


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