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Caprese Quinoa Recipe

Lately our newest obsession has been quinoa! Clara looooves it so we have been trying to find different ways to incorporate it in to our dirts. So far this has been the one that stuck and the one ALL the kids like! so here is our Capress Quinoa, it’s super easy, light and fresh!

Start by preparing your Quinoa as directed, you can use it right off the stove, or chill it if you want to eat it cold, we like both ways. Typically I will prepare a bunch at the beginning of the week and then store it in the fridge and eat it throughout the week.

For a single serving of Caprese Quinoa in a bowl mix together:

1/4 cup cooked Quinoa

2 tsp of olive oil

a dash of kosher salt

about 5 cherry tomatoes halved

1 tbs of fresh basil washed and slices

1 oz of diced Manchego cheese

pepper to taste

This has been our go to lunch this summer! when I have the quinoa waiting for me in the fridge it’s so quick to whip up, and I always feel super good after eating it! Hope you love it as much as we do!

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