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City Bagels and Bakery Idaho Falls

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

If you know our family, you know where ever we are in the world, we seek out Bakeries! We love grabbing a tried and true pastry and sitting back with the kids enjoying our family.

City Bagels and Bakery was a fun and spontaneous outing for us. I can’t say anything to their bagels, but we enjoyed their classic, standard pastries and flavors. They are very true to expectation, which is sometimes exactly what you are looking for.

But the star of The show for us, was their Iced White Chocolate with Coconut Cream! It is the most delicious, crave-able specialty drink out there! We are always on the look out for a non-coffee, specialty drink, but often come up short on our search. When we ordered the iced white chocolate, we weren’t sure what to expect, but it was so good! It’s not a frozen drink like most frozen hot chocolates out there, but truly an iced drink, like a traditional iced coffee with actual ice piled in to our creamy, yet still refreshing drink! I will warn you, it is on the sweet side and is topped with cream and coconut shavings, but it still left us wanting more! (especially since our kids kind of demolished it)!

if you’re ever in the area and wanting a quick pick up or even a relaxing morning with their outdoor seating, we recommend City Bagels and Bakery!

CITY BAGELS AND BAKERY 369 Shoup Avenue, Idaho Falls ID

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