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Moving update 8/4/2020

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

We have A closing date for our house! Woohoo! Things are finally moving forward. The house is looking good, and we can finally get in to the details of planning our move. There’s lots of excitement for everyone surrounding our move, but the other day was particularly rough. With school registration, packing, last minute appointments, and planning the logistics of the move I’m overwhelmed and my kids are emotionally on edge from all the changes. yesterday my kids had dental appointments, which was just one more thing to add to the chaos of moving, but they had to get done!

While we were there it seemed like everyone just started to fall apart! Ellie has a rough time at the dentist due to past experiences (see ”going to the dentist in China”) and gets very nervous, which seemed to be the first domino that toppled over. She was crying in her chair, while the nurses worked, which only made Grant more curious. He tripped around the room

knocking in to equipment and not so lovingly reminding Ellie he didn’t cry during his appointment. After asking him to sit down several times to no avail, I decided to physically put him in his seat. I sat Clara on the floor to go take care of Grant. In the two seconds I put Clara down, she decided to walk and fell, biting her tongue, so I look over and she has blood all over her mouth. Grant narrates the story by screaming “she’s bleeding! There is blood everywhere!” not calming our nervous Ellie. But we make it through! Blood clean, teeth clean! Let’s get out of here!

We have to make a quick stop at the grocery. Bad idea mom! Everyone is already spent, but we need stuff for dinner. Our kids sit together in a little car shopping cart. Grant knocks in to Ellie repeatedly, the way little brothers do. Ellie is a broken record, ”Mom Grant won’t stop touching me!”

Clara has decided to pinch the back of my arm over and over with her tiny little nails. This is fun. I tell Clara no, which really offends her, to which she bursts in to a high pitched scream. Everyone is looking at me. Oh well, I’ve got to get this stuff done.

We are checking out, Grant and Ellie are still in a power struggle over the invisible line they aren’t supposed to cross and as I try to get out my credit card, Clara quickly grabs all the contents from my wallet and throws them everywhere. The cashier whispers “Good luck” as I leave.

So yeah, how is moving going? It’s going! Insert Crazy eye emoji. Some days are better than others. Some days the kids can’t wait for our new house and a swimming pool, other days they cry over leaving their friends and family. we have since added school on top of the chaos which has been a new ball game! Luckily we got permission to start school at Idaho time online rather than Florida, because those first couple days at 6 am were rough! We are adjusting to school and the kids are doing really well, but it leaves little time for the packing! with 17 days until we move, and 9 days to be out of the apartment it’s probably time to get moving on that! But as always, we can do hard things and we will get through!

While making the desicion to move, we also decided we wanted to tell our kids sooner than later. Although we knew it would be harder to deal with for us, we felt they deserved to deal with their emotions in a familiar environment. It’s definitely not easy, and we have many late night talks and “you’re a bad mom” days, but we are getting through them and they will love the new adventure once they are ready for it.

on a more fun note, here are some house update pictures!

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