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The EASIEST fruit strudel recipe

A lot of you have said you were really interested in a recipe for our fruit strudel I posted on Instagram, so here it is! it’s super easy And soooo delicious!


frozen puff pastry

8oz of cream cheese

2 tsp vanilla extract

2-3 tbs or sugar (depending on how sweet your berries are)

1 cup of berries

yields 2 strudels

defrost the puff pastry as directed

and lay out on a greased pan.

for the filling you just mix the cream cheese, vanilla and sugar together.

I am all about ease and using as little dishes As possible, so I buy the spreadable cream cheese that comes in a plastic container and just put my sugar and vanilla straight in to the container and mix it in there with a fork. You can add more or less sugar to your preference. Spread the cream cheese on to the dough, top with berries and braid or fold the dough however you like!

We use scissors to cut strips on either end of the pastry dough and alternate folding the strips back in.

Bake at 400 F for 15 minutes

And you have a super quick and yummy strudel!

Optional deliciousness

* egg wash your pastry before baking

* make a milk and powered sugar glaze to drizzle on top

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