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We’re Moving! September 2020

Its happening again! Our little family is making another move! But this time, our newest adventure will take us to...drumroll please... FLORIDA! This whole process has been an absolute roller coaster! We felt it was time for a change in our lives!

The question we keep getting is why Florida?! And there’s a lot To it, but here our our top reasons...

1. We have always wanted to end up there. After getting married Drew and I would always talk about how that would be our ideal home. We love heat, we love humidity, we love summer, and water. It’s the perfect fit.

2. We have family there. After an Awesome 7 years close to my family, we are excited to spend some time with the other side of the family. Drews parents and sister live in Florida, and with Orlando being a big airline hub, we will be able to visit family easier and hopefully convince family to visit us!

3. There’s a lot of growth happening in that area. As Drews business is growing, we’ve been looking to expand, and what better place to grow than near many of the fastest growing cities in America!

There are so many more reasons, but Ultimately we felt this move would benefit us as a family and bring is closer together in many ways.

With our minds made up we started planning. Trying to figure out when, where and how. At first things were totally crazy and up in the air. With Covid-19 all the plans we made had gotten rearranged. We had bought tickets for Drew and I to fly out there and look at houses, but our flights were canceled as things began to shut Down. Not knowing exactly how things were going to be, we tried to have faith that if things were meant to work out they would. So we played a little waiting game and things slowly started to come together!

We ended up buying a house over the phone that we had only seen on video chat, that had been a new construction that got paused due to the coronavirus. We’ve been able to pick our finishing touches on the home and are hoping to close in September!

(here we are reading over and signing our contract)

Meanwhile we are enjoying summer and family while trying to cope with the stresses of pandemic house buying across the country! But things have been leaning in our favor with every step, which we are super grateful for!

Here our a few pictures of the home in progress! Can’t wait to keep updating on it !

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