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Johnny Sacks Cabin

August 7, 2017



While we were camping in Big Springs, we took a little hike to see Johnny Sacks cabin. Johnny began building the cabin in 1929 and it took him about 3 years to build. He used primarily hand tools to build it and put great thought into the intricate details in the woodwork. He patterned his floors after the quilts his mother used to make and was best know for his "bark on wood" style furniture he made. He built a water wheel at the edge of the springs to provide electricity and built a little outhouse up by the cabin. The cabin is in such a picturesque location that it has become one of the most photographed sites in Island Park, ID.

The home is now available to the public for free tours so you can see the beautiful detailing for yourself and enjoy some of the original furniture, made by Johnny himself.




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