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The future is NOW! The Misfitfam meet a Robot

March 16, 2019



When your concierge service is a robot, you know the future is now! While at our stay at the Courtyard Marriott in Suzhou, we were in for a surprise when we called down to the front desk asking for a comb. I had forgotten our hairbrush at home, and the nice woman at the front desk assured us that their assistant would be up soon with a comb for us. We explored the hotel for a minute and then decided to go back up to the room and wait for our delivery. While we got on the elevator we were accompanied by a ROBOT! We tried to make sense of what she was doing when she got off on our floor and headed straight for our room. I thought maybe she was showing us to our room, but no, she was bringing our comb to us! The kids LOVED it and now seriously want a pet robot, can you even blame then??





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