About our family

   We are the Misfit fam, Drew, Liz, Ellie, Grant and Clara!

   Why Misfit? Besides the fact we are all a little goofy in our own way, we are trying to instill in our children that being different is part of what makes life beautiful. We want our kids to know that you can make life what you want it.

An age, a test, or social norm doesn't define who you are, what you have to do, or what you can make of yourself.

Drew and Liz met in 2012 at BYU-Idaho. Liz was on her way to Idaho from her home in Kentucky when her ride fell through to her new apartment. As Lizzy's Dad tried to help her find a way to her apartment he got a facebook message from an old friend and neighbor letting him know that her Grandson would also be attending BYU-Idaho. Thinking quick Lizzy's Dad asked if this grandson had a car, and was assured by his friend that she would find a way to get him one.

Liz made it to BYU-Idaho and was told a ride arrangement had been made. Of course that Grandson was Drew , one thing lead to the next, and now we have one big happy family.

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Drew and Liz both have a passion for exploring and understanding life through a different lens and want to share that with their kids. This includes life's every day adventures as well as exotic adventures, like moving to China for a year. Follow their journey here and get to know the misitfam. 

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Shoot us an email at therealmisfitfam@gmail.com