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Spontaneous Camping at Teton National Park

Updated: Jan 27

Our family LOVES to camp! Not hard core camping, but like one night with lots of pillows and blankets, camping. We love getting out of the house and being in nature. There's something so relaxing about having no cellphone service and not having to worry about daily life and what everyone else is up to. The plan was to go camping Friday to Saturday, but when Drew got home from work on Thursday, we couldn't help ourselves. We packed super quick, left the dirty dishes in the sink, and got out of the house as fast a we could! Our favorite place to camp is Big springs, in Island Park, Idaho, so naturally that's where we decided to go, since this will likely be the last time we ever get to camp in Idaho (sad!!). On the way there, you pass through a little town called Ashton, Idaho, which is home to one of the cutest drive-in diners I've ever been to. So when we saw the GIANT spinning root beer up ahead, we decided to forgo our foil packet dinners and grab some food and a root beer instead, and we're glad we did. Everyone was so friendly and the root beer was amazing! Frost top has such a fun atmosphere and the staff is so welcoming. I always love to see how the staff interacts with their regular costumers, and it was so cute to see each waitress genuinely greet the older gentleman who walked in and get him his regular coffee. When we finished our food, we headed to the Family Dollar in town to grab a couple things and made our way to Big Springs. By the time we got there we only had 12 minutes until sunset, so Drew and I hustled to get the tent set up and a fire started.

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