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Chinatown in Honolulu

January 2020

Drew had been dying to go to a Hawai’i, he’s heard a lot about it and has always wanted to go. We love the heat, humidity and tropics, so when Drew found cheap tickets to Hawaii he jumped on it!

We are always eager for our next trip, but this one was especially exciting for two reasons.

  1. its January in Idaho, so we were anxious to get out of the cold

  2. None of us have ever been there before. The last time we traveled somewhere new as a family was in China.

The kids were good travelers, as usual, even when our plane boarded early and we had to run to our gate. It was a long day of traveling, but we made one out stop before heading to our air b&b to get some food. we stopped at Zippys because it was open, and it seemed like true Hawaiian food, which we were all excited to try.

We made it to our home for the week, and went right to bed so we could get an early start on the next morning.

Because we are who we are, the very first thing we did on our Hawaiian Vacation, was go to the China town in Honolulu! Our kids adore Chinese markets and Chinatowns, it brings back special memories for all of us.

We walked around the shops and the fish market across the street before our big activity of the day, the Polynesian Cultural Center!

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