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Hanauma Bay, Oahu Hawaii

January 2020

Our second day in Hawaii we knew we had to hit up the beach, but not before getting something delicious to eat! We woke up early, got ready for the day and loaded in to the car. With in minutes we found ourselves turning around due to a blowout (thanks Clara).

But we got cleaned up, and take two!

off to breakfast! We decided to eat at Moena Cafe. We ordered Kalua Pork eggs Benedict, crepes, and a banana pancake with Chantilly sauce. It was all soooo delicious!

Moena Cafe is close to Hanauma Bay, so after eating we drove over, very eager to FINALLY get to the beach!

We had so much fun there! We paid to ride a little cart down so we didn’t have to walk with all the kids and our stuff, which was well worth it!

Once we got set up the kids had their first experience with snorkeling! Drew took them out and snorkeled while I stayed on the beach with Clara, getting her used to the feel of the sand and water.

The kids cartwheeled in the waves and ran around, they Built sand castles and explored the slippery rocks. We even found a crab!

We made sure to take lots and lots of pictures before heading out to get some Dinner.

We grabbed some food and we had to try a Hawaiian shaved ice.

On our way back to the air bnb we took a detour and drove up in the mountains to watch the sunset. It was such a perfect day, but we were definitely ready for some rest when we got home!


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