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The Polynesian Cultural Center

January 2020

Our first day in Oahu we decided to visit the Polynesian Cultural Center. If you are ever in Oahu this is a MUST SEE! We were not totally sure what to expect, and a little hesitant due to the price, but it is worth every penny! On our drive over we had to stop and look at the beautiful mountains that we drove through. Our apartment was near the beach, so this was the first time we experienced the gorgeous Hawaiian mountains!

The atmosphere is fun and tropical, it perfectly embodies old Hawaii. When you get there you can book a tour group or walk around on your own. We chose to do our own thing to have the freedom our kids needed. We had so much walking the jungly paths to each Polynesian island, learning about the culture and participating in fun activities.

The kids learned how to weave toy fish out of leaves, and play the ukulele at some of the activity areas. We watched a man climb a coconut tree and tasted authentic food made over a fire. We loved listening to the comedy acts, riding the canoes, and the grand finale, the Fires show at the end of the night. My personal favorite was a big water show they have in the middle of the day. They have performers singing and dancing on canoes as you sit right at the river. Grants hi-light was learning to fish with a stick and string. He caught his very first fish and couldn't believe it! He was so excited!

Weaving toy fish-

Water show-

Grant catching his first fish-

More fun activities-

We had so much fun the entire day, and there was something for each of us to enjoy. We chose to do the Luau for dinner which was also a highlight for our family. We have fond memories eating at big buffets in China, so this reminded the kids of that. They start the dinner by offering you beautiful orchid leis and taking you in to the large dining hall. We ate delicious kalua pork, taro rolls, tropical juices, and so much more. While you eat they have local and traditional entertainment and then end the night by inviting all the children to the stage to learn a hula dance. Ellie loved the hula dance and decided that she wants to work at the PCC when she grows up. It was such a fun and memorable experience for all of us. We highly recommend it to anyone considering going!

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