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Top 10 foods we will miss

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

I'm going to let you in on a little secret, we LOVE food. Maybe too much! It can be an expensive weakness we have, because if we see something new, we just have to try it! Sometimes my love of food embarrasses me, because I find when I talk to people I mostly talk about food, but what can I say? Food is important!

We are so excited to try different foods in China and learn about how and why they cook the way they do, but there are definitely going to be foods that we miss while we're gone. Here are the top ten foods we are sad to leave behind-

#1. Milk and Cereal. We are a cereal family, we eat it all the time! Most of our desserts consist of cereal, we can't get enough! With lactose intolerances in adulthood being most prevalent in people of East Asian decent, milk and cereal will be hard to come by. We've stocked up and have been indulging on cereal our last week.

#2. TACOS/All Mexican food in general. I cannot live without Mexican food, so I'm legitimately concerned about that for my future, I packed a huge thing of taco seasoning for my desperate times ahead. I've made it a goal to eat some kind of Mexican food every day for the last month before we leave, and I've done an excellent job fulfilling my goal!

#3. Burgers,(for me) I love a good Burger, So I've been making sure to eat MANY burgers before departure.

#4. White Cheddar Popcorn (Drew) This is Drew's favorite snack. He like seriously inhales the big bags of that, so he's really going to miss that

#5. Candy, (the kids) We will be able to candy there, but it won't be the kind of candy they're use to. We let everyone go to the store and buy something to bring to China, and the kids chose a huge mixed bag of smarties and laffy taffy, and other candies.

#6. Italian Food/Pizza, I'm Italian...probably part of the reason I talk about food so much, but maybe I'll get lucky and be able to find the ingredients I need to cook Italian food while we're there.

#7. Mcgriddles...I'm in denial that you can't get a mcgriddle in China. We have a Mcdonlds in the town we are moving too, but Drew insists mcgriddles aren't on the menu...I guess we will just have to wait and see.

#8. Chik-fil-A, our children are so sad to leave chik-fil-a behind. Whenever I tell her we are going to get "*chicken nugs", as Grant calls them, she always asks if we're going to get the "yummy kind" with the "good sauce"

*side note, I have a hard time keeping a straight face every time Grant says chicken nugs, because once we were with family visiting some adorable baby goats, and I found Grant LITERALLY chasing a live chicken yelling CHICKEN NUGS!

#9. Cheese of all kinds. Again, with the lactose intolerant thing, it will be hard to come by cheese, and it definitely wont be something on the menus in restaurants (so we've heard).

#10. Sugar. It's sad, I know, but in China they have a lot less sugar in their foods, which is good, but I know our bodies are going to hate us at first. I can just imagine us now, wishing for root beer and cake, or some milk chocolate, but it will be good for our bodies to have less sugar!

Well, there are the ten things we are sad to leave behind (as far as food goes)! We packed things we could, like candy, chocolate, and taco seasonings, for emergencies, but I'm sure we'll find more foods to love and miss when we leave China.

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