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Travel to Jinan, China. Thousand Buddha Cave. Day 2

Updated: Jan 27

Our first day in Jinan we explored this beautiful park, but didn't get to see everything the park had to offer, so we decided to come back the next day and check out the rest.

We found countless Buddha statues that towered over the masses of people wandering the park. It was so awe inspiring to see such beautiful and vast works of art. While walking around we found an entrance to "The Hundred Thousand Buddha Cave". I was so intrigued to learn if their were truly A hundred thousand Buddhas in the cave, so we bought tickets and toured around. There were literally hundreds of thousands of Buddhas. Some were statues, but there were also other various displays. Some were carved in to wall, others imprinted into the ceiling. It was amazing to look around and see something new and exciting everywhere you turned. It was also nice to cool off on another hot day.


Hundred Thousand Buddha Cave slideshow-

We ended both nights in Jinan the same way. We came across a delicious pizza parlor that had the best brick oven pizzas, salads, and pastas. All three of those things can be difficult to find in China, so after having an awesome experience the first night, we ate their again the second night. After eating dinner, in China, its customary to take a walk, so we again spent both nights walking around a nearby mall after stuffing our faces with delicious food. We loved our trip to Jinan so much we ended up going back again, but thats for another post!

Jinan evening slideshow-

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