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Downtown Idaho Falls, Idaho

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

We learned living in China that we are CITY PEOPLE. One of our favorite things to do In Weifang was ride our e-bike through our bustling city of 10 million.

We loved hopping a train to mega cities and getting a hotel right in the middle of everything, being able to walk wherever we want and see new things! So naturally, a Saturday activity we enjoy as a family is walking downtowns. This past Saturday we walked Historic Downtown Idaho Falls!

Every Saturday morning the downtown area has a farmers market which we like to attend, and we follow that up with walking the streets, grabbing lunch, and our family tradition-finding a bakery! Whether we are close to home, or traveling far away we love finding bakeries and buying a few pastries to share and sample.

If you’re Looking for something to do and are in or around Idaho Falls, here was our itinerary for the perfect family Saturday in Downtown Idaho Falls! Bonus! Our day cost us under $70!

We started our morning at the farmers market, walking around and looking at all the fun and edible Homemade goodies, The Idaho Falls Farmers Market isn’t huge, so we knew we wanted to do more that day.

After the farmers market we drove our car and parked downtown in the area we knew we wanted you walk around. We chose to park near Krung Threp Thai, knowing we would eat there for lunch!

We hopped Out of The car and walked around. The kids don’t need much to entertain themselves, since the city environment is more stimulating and they love just being out and taking everything in, but once we saw them start to get a little antsy we headed towards Krung Threp.

Since we were looking for a day of adventure, we decided to order all new things on the menu, just to switch things up. We tried a mushroom soup, (which Grant actually LOVED) green beans, and a chicken dish that we had never tried before. It was fun trying something new, especially since living in a small town often makes us feel in a rut.

After lunch we continued walking, but this time with a destination in mind. We knew the kids were getting bored, so we walked to the cutest toy store in downtown, WeeBee Toys! This toy store is GREAT for browsing with kids because they have lots of toys set up for kids to test out. The entire ambiance of the store is just fun, and you will find yourself in there longer than you expect as the kids in you is brought out through nostalgia and as you watch your kids light up!

We ended our downtown trip with a walk to a bakery (of course). We chose City Bagels and Bakery after hearing that it had a lot of kid friendly items like cakes and drinks. The kids loved walking to to the bakery and smelling all the delicious smells as they press the face as close as they can to the glass to see each sprinkle on each cake. We ordered a danish, an eclair, and a drink. The pastries were pretty standard, but the standout was their drink! We ordered a Iced White Chocolate with coconut cream, which our kids inhaled! We were sad we only got one, because it was over too fast, and so yummy!

once are bellies were full of treats and our kids were worn out from walking we headed back home. It was the perfect Saturday, getting us out of the house, moving our body, and trying new things, while still giving us ample time to get home make dinner and get the kids to bed at a good time.

To have this day for yourself, we’ve included locations to make your day more effortless, Be sure to share your adventures with us in our Instagram @misfitfam:

Idaho Falls Farmers Market 600 Memorial Drive, Idaho Falls, ID

Kung Threp Thai Cuisine 366 Shoup Avenue, Idaho Falls, ID (Free two hour Parking is available and located just Perpendicular to Kung Threp, in we parked here knowing we would be looping back in the end)

WeeBee Toys 492 Shoup Avenue, Idaho Falls, ID

City Bagels and Bakery 369 Shoup Avenue, Idaho Falls ID

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