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Jingshan Park

Updated: Jan 27

Jingshan Park is a 57 acre park that was once a private imperial garden for the forbidden city. We walked through the park right after touring the Forbidden City. It was so cool to be able to climb to the top of the park and look over the Forbidden city.

We toured Tiananmen square, the Forbidden City and the Jingshan park all in the same day, so to say we were tired is a HUGE understatement. With it being only our first full day in China, we were suffering from severe jet lag, but it were able to push through to see all the beautiful buildings and gardens. The kids were so great. For the little bit of sleep we were running on and all the changes they were experiencing, I was really proud of how well they were behaving and how patient they were being. We had to walk everywhere we went and did not bring a stroller to China so they were real troopers, keeping up and following along amidst being bombarded by people taking pictures of them!

By the time the day was over, we were happy to get back to the hotel and get some rest!

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