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Out to Breakfast

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

October, 5th 2017

In Weifang, the sun always rose early, some days before 5 am! It made it nearly impossible to sleep past 6, which was a great habit we formed, because thats how the city ran! Everyone was up and out of the house early and many breakfast places were often closed by 8 or 8:30. It was also nice to get a little family time before classes. This particular Thursday morning we woke up early and hungry! By this time we had only been in Weifang a little over a month and didn't know our way around, We hadn't had time to find foods we liked and to accustom ourselves with or bagged milk we could stomach, and finding cereal didn't come until WAY later, so in the mornings we had to explore. We would bungle up, hop on the bike and look for the longest line, expecting it would have delicious food.

We found ourselves at a tiny storefront with a woman stirring a pot. We ordered the soup everyone was getting, and took a seat on the small chairs at the side of the road.

We think the breakfast drink was some kind of a leak soup, which made us all want cheese to top it off with, but we weren't going to find that easily. We enjoyed our morning sipping on hot soup and then headed back home to start the rest of our day.

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