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Western food in Weifang, Shandong, China

Updated: Jan 27

Looking for Western food in Weifang? We've been there! It took months to figure out a place we could by chips and salsa or a good burger in Weifang. Our family LOVES food, so it was a brutal beginning when we wanted a little variety, but we eventually found it! Here's a list of the Western restaurants we found in Weifang! If you are looking for Western foods you can cook yourself in China, click here.

In Weifang we have a few Western Chain restaurants. We have Pizza Hut, Subway, McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, Haagen-dazs and Starbucks, which we ate our fair share of, but I want to focus on some of the hidden gems that were life saving for us. We found 4 Western Restaurants in Weifang that lived up to the taste. No more ketchup and corn on pizza.

The first restaurant is called Hippie Food. Hippie Food is an American - Mexican restaurant (the burger in the above picture is from hippie food- Its a pulled pork "burger" with pico, avocado, and sour cream). We liked everything we tried at Hippie food but our favorite was their tacos. Their tacos are made with a soft flour tortilla and stuffed with shredded beef, bell pepper and onion and topped with lots of cheese. They serve it with a side of sour cream and salsa. This was our go to, because there is not another single place in Weifang to get tacos and even finding the ingredients to make on your own is difficult. We didn't find out about Hippie food until well in to our time in China and actually learned from someone who contacted us on Instagram. She saw out photo tagged in Weifang and reached out. It was such a blessing to learn about this place because we would've never found it on our own since its located on a back alley. Aside from Tacos you can get cheesesteak sandwiches, salads, burgers, smoked meats, and western sodas (My one and only Dr. Pepper that year).

View our Hippie Food Slide show for location and additional pictures -

#2. The next restaurant on our list is Susie's. Susie's was introduced to us by a local expat, she originally referred to it as Cans (the owners name) which made finding it very difficult! We eventually found it located on the basement floor of "Good Mall". Susie's has some amazing burgers, our kids love the chicken nuggets and they offer a variety of other dishes like quesadillas and Thai food, but the 2 items that set Susie's apart to me were the poutine and Salad with Honey Mustard dressing. It was always thrilling to find something you can't get anywhere else and these are 2 things you can't get anywhere else in Weifang. The poutine was served with a horseradish mayo and gravy, while the salad (my favorite) had grilled chicken breast, candied nuts and a delicious honey mustard dressing. We loved going to Susie's because it had a great atmosphere and was next to a roller rink and arcade. We loved having family dinner and then treating the kids to a fun family activity.

#3 Television is our third restaurant. Its a delicious Italian place with amazing pizza, pasta, salad and steak. It's more upscale compared to Susie's or Hippie Food, but still has a comfortable and casual feel. We loved getting the carbonara pasta and pizza, and frequented many times! We were always so eager to eat that we never got any picture of our food, so I headed to trip advisor to find some. If look up Television on trip advisor you will be able to find the location and more pictures, but here are a few right here. I had to laugh as I scrolled through the pictures and found one US eating at their restaurant. I don't know who took it or who posted it, but it is definitely us.

The last restaurant, is Bing Bang Burrito, which you can find on Apple Maps, but Ive got to be honest with you. Almost everything on the menu is less than great. I hate to say that because we love the owner, but there are 2 things he does really well. So if you decide to go to Bing Bang Burrito, DO NOT get a burrito, order the pulled pork and the "Nachos" which are just chips and salsa. The reason Bing Bang makes the list is because they homemake their tortilla chips and they are delicious and authentic. The owner was in the Navy and while stationed in Mexico learned how to make them. Often times we would go there and just order the chips and salsa as a little snack. They also offered Western sodas like vanilla or cherry coca-cola which you can't find anywhere else.

I hope If you're out there somewhere in Weifang reading this we could provide a little help for you. Food was a tough one for us and we were always so excited to find new places to try!

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